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Alternative versions of traditional tales

The Runaway Pizza
by Brenda Parkes and Martin Chatterton
(Rigby Red Giant)
This updated version of the gingerbread boy story involves a variety of fairytale characters and uses predictable, patterned language
16 pages ISBN 0433032448

Amphibby Anne
by Jeanne Willis Illustrated by Doffy Weir
(Rigby Red Giant)
A funny back to front version of the frog princess. Fishing enthusiatic, Harry, is not too pleased when a princess disturbs his time by the river by demanding a kiss. He tries to escape but she keeps turning up and, when he eventually gives in, she turns into a frog which he much prefers. Well told with good illustrations which add extra humour. Good for trying to predict what will happen next.
ISBN 0433042281

The Wolf's Story
by Brenda Parkes Illustrated by Jonathan Allen
(Rigby Red Giants)
In this version of The Three Little Pigs, the main events are already over and the wolf is trying to talk his way out of trouble. A funny story with rhyming text and speech bubbles which will ring bells with any child who has tried to explain away their own behaviour.
16 pages    ISBN 043304103X

Once Upon a Time
by John Prater
A boy at home in the country has a dull day oblivious of all the nursery stories happening around him. The rhyming text tells his thoughts while the double spread details have masses of detail to spot and discuss. A great book for getting children talking.
32 pages    ISBN 074454713X
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