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The Human Body
by Penny Coltman and Rachel Sparks Linfield
(Longman Pelican Big Books)
An account of how your body works illustrated with full colour drawings, photos and clear diagrams. Some sections cover their topics in more depth than others thereby making this a book that can be used for a range of ages. For instance, a double page spread encouraging readers to spot things they could feel, taste, hear and smell is ideal for very young children or older ones with special needs while pages on the individual senses explain more about how each one works.
Links with science
KS1/early KS2
32 pages   ISBN 0582334063
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Who looks after me?
(Literacy Plus - Kingscourt)
An interesting look at animal families from a different slant. It divides young animals into four groups - those that look after themselves, those looked after by one parent, those looked after by two parents and those looked after by a group or herd. One of the best points of this book is its imaginitive use of tables and charts which are fun and easy to read.
KS1/early KS2
ISBN 0790116197

What Babies used to wear
by Anne Witherington and Bobbie Neate
(Longman Pelican Big Books)
To explain how children's clothes have changed through the years, the authors look at several generations of the same family. As a result, this book works in reverse chronological order starting with babies and toddlers clothes in the 1990s and working back in time to look at the 1970s, 1950s, 1930s and 1910s. The different periods are connected via a family tree and illustrated with photos of real people.
Links to history and provides a useful way to look at family history without asking children for personal information.
ISBN 0582333520
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Natural Disasters
by Janeen Brian
(Rigby Magic Bean)
This looks a selection of natural disasters and explains what causes it and what its effect may be. There is one type of disaster per spread with diagrams where appropriate and colour photos of the effects.
Links to geography
16 pages    ISBN 0947212760
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What's Cooking
by Christine Butterworth
(Ginn All Aboard)
An interesting book about what actually happens when we cook food. It includes information at a variety of levels from a simple look at how food changes when it is cooked to how different ovens work and a flow diagram of the changes involved in making a cake.There are also instructions on making shortbread and an index. The text uses simple sentence constructions
Links to science and technology
20 pages    ISBN 0602282993

Vehicles: The Inside Story
by Peter Riley
(Ginn All Aboard)
This book is packed with information on how bicycles, cars, trains, ships, planes and spaceships work. There are 4 to 6 pages devoted to each vehicle with the information divided into sections including design, energy and forces, gears and controls. A good example of explanatory text for older, competent readers with well-planned use of diagrams and sub-headings. Includes a glossary, a bibliography and an index.
Links to science and technology
Upper KS2
32 pages    ISBN 0602283523


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