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Familiar Setting - Home and Family

Jessie’s Flower
by Ron Bacon, illustrated by Liz Dodson
(Kingscourt Big Book/Shortland Publications)
Stunningly beautiful artwork and a cleverly patterned text take readers from night through the day and the seasons as Jessie sleeps, wakes, plants and tends her seed until finally she has a lovely pink carnation.
The whole thing is narrated by the natural phenomena from the moon :
“Time for night to go.” said the moon.
So the night went.”
through to the flower:
“Time for you to pick me.” said the flower.
So Jessie did.

This big book is a real delight to share with children.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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by Anthony Browne
Hannah adores gorillas but her father is always too busy to take her to see one at the zoo. She's disappointed when she's given a toy gorilla for her birthday but in the night it grows to full size and takes her on a wonderful outing. The earlier pictures beautifully reflect her loneliness and the ending is suitably happy. Hannah appears to just live with her Dad - there's no mention of Mum.
32 pages
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Asha in the Attic
by Chris Powling, illustrated by Alan Marks
(Rigby Red Giant)
Asha likes to listen to her grandfather's stories about the objects in his attic and sets out to become the subject of one herself. A short, simple story about family memories. Both Asha and her grandfather are black.
KS 1    
 24 pages     ISBN 0433042206

Can't You Sleep, Little Bear
by Martin Waddell and Barbara Firth
(Walker Books ISBN 074453691)
The prize-winning, gentle story about fear of the dark.

32 pages    ISBN074453691X
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Foiled Again
by Marcia Vaughn and Derek Brazell
(Rigby Red Giant)
A story about a boy of about 8 who lands himself in a chaotic situation when he dresses up in foil to look like an alien while he is playing with his little sister. Told in flashback. A longer and more complete story than a standard picture book.
Late KS1/ early KS2
24 pages    ISBN 0433042214

My Mum and Dad make me laugh
by Nick Sharratt
(Walker Books)
A simple story full of humour about a boy whose mother likes spots and whose father likes stripes. Plenty to talk about in the pictures using mathematical language to describe the patterns (wider, smaller, less, more etc)
Links to maths and art work on patterns
32 pages in all - 23 pages of story     0744578485
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Not Now, Bernard
by David McKee
(Longman - Pelican Big Book)
The classic picture book where Bernard's parents are too busy to notice that he's been eaten by a monster. Easy to read with only one sentence per page and plenty of repetition. Links to work on families and feelings.
32 pages    ISBN 0582333695
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