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You Can Make Your Own Books
by Paul Johnson
(Longman Pelican Big Books)
Instructions on making many different kinds of books - concertina, origami envelopes, pop-ups, books with removable objects and wallet books. No index but it has a glossary and lists suggested books and museums for further information. (All the museums are in London.) A particularly useful book as the only material required is paper.
Links to design and technology.
24 pages   ISBN 0582333881
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How to Make Masks
by Jane Shuter and Jo Brooker
Full illustrated instructions on making three different masks - a Venetian carnival mask, a Japanese stage mask and a native American seasons mask.
Links to art and work on other countries.
late KS1/early KS2
24 pages   ISBN 0433036095

Fun Things to Make and Do
by Rosie Casseldon
(Heinemann Discovery World)
Instructions on making seven different objects ranging from a jigsaw and finger puppets to marzipan fruits. Each object has a double page spread with an illustrated list of materials. The instructions have a photo for each step plus very simple text (eg. Draw a face). A good, easy to read book with instructions children can actually use.
Links to art.
16 pages    ISBN 0435094742

Putting on a Magic Show
by Peter Haswell
(Ginn All Aboard)
This instructional book gives all the information you need to put on a magic show including making props and a costume as well as performing tricks. Some instructions are easy (making a wizard's hat, making a magic wand) but others are harder and stretch over several pages. There is a drawing or photo to illustrate each step. The instructions are not very hard to read but the tricks could be difficult for very young children to perform. Has an index and a very small glossary. A book that's fun and different from the more usual cookery and craft books.
older KS1/early KS2
20 pages    ISBN 0602383019


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