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My First Big Book of Shapes
Illustrated by Julie Park
(Oxford University Press)
Very clear simple presentation and uncluttered pictures introduce simple 2D shapes and link them to everyday objects and children's own experiences.
Reception/Year1/special needs
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My First Big Book of Time
Illustrated by Julie Park
(Oxford University Press)
Bright clear pictures link time to children's own experiences and daily routine but this book only deals with whole hours. The lack of half past, quarter to and quarter past limits its use so it is only really suitable for younger children and those with special needs.
Reception/Year 1/special needs
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Oxford Maths Zone Big Books
(Oxford University Press)
This range of big books is designed to fit with the Oxford Maths Zone numeracy scheme but there is no reason why they can't be used on their own. Each one has a good selection of large colour pictures (full page or double page spreads) packed with things to talk about and ideas for number questions. These bright, cheerful books are useful for adding variety to the numeracy hour and providing a visual focus to attract and hold children's attention. There is one book for each term of the scheme but, if you are not following it, you will probably won't want to buy them all.

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