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Multi-cultural non-fiction

Chidi Only Likes Blue
by Ifeoma Onyefulu
(Frances Lincoln)
This is a photo-information book that portrays life in a Nigerian village through the eyes of a child, Nneka. When her brother insists that blue is the best colour in the world, she decides to take us the readers on a rainbow walk through her village. We see red chieftains’ hats, yellow gari grains, green palm leaves, black uli seed extract (used to paint houses), white chalk, pink flowers, cream chewing sticks for brushing teeth and shades of brown – brown wooden stools, brown sand and okwe, a board game played with seeds, and finally gold necklaces. A first rate information text that reads aloud beautifully – what a joy to see it in big book format.
KS1, lower KS2
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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Shompa lives in India
by Jean Harrison
(Christian Aid)
An interesting look at 7 year old Shompa's life in India including her family, home, food, water supply, school and games. It also mentions her religion and describes how she spends Sundays and the festival of Durga Puja. The clear information is well geared to this age group and enhanced by a timetable of her typical day, a map of the town and good colour photographs.
24 pages    ISBN 090437940X
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by Elspeth Clayton
(Heinemann Library)
A comprehensive look at Oxfam's work and the ethos behind it. It makes an excellent job of avoiding the 'rich white people help poor black people' image with in depth coverage of Oxfam workers in the field who come from the countries in which they are working. It also looks at the causes of poverty, Oxfam's campaigning role and fund-raising. Contains a variety of text types including diary, recount, report and persuasive writing.
The royalties on this book go to Oxfam.
32 pages    ISBN 0431027641
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