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Poetry Anthologies - Varied Styles and Themes

A Collection of Classic Poems
selected by Wendy Body
(Longman Pelican Big Books)
The well-known poems in this anthology are Meg Merrilees by John Keats, What is pink? by Christina Rossetti, Silver by Walter de la Mare, Overheard on a Saltmarsh by Harold Munro, Five Eyes by Walter de la Mare, Windy Nights by Robert Louis Stevenson, Cargoes by John Masefield and The Way through the Woods by Rudyard Kipling. A very useful selection to have in big book format.
24 pages   ISBN 058233408X

Second Big Book of Poetry
chosen by John Foster
(Oxford Reading Tree)
The 13 poems selected here for 6-7 year olds offers a good variety of poetry styles combined with real 'look at me' illustrations. Three of the poems with repetitive structure are particularly suitable as models for writing similar poems and the book includes teaching ideas.
ISBN 019919243X
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Poetry for Sharing Big Book 1
chosen by John Foster
(Oxford University Press)
This collection of 26 poems for 7-9 year olds offers an exciting array of ideas and imagery, along with particularly good suggestions for shared writing exercises. Some poems, such as The Eyes Have it by Susan Stranks, are just made for Big Books. A clever match of illustration to verse.
ISBN 0198341938
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Poetry for Sharing Big Book 2
chosen by John Foster
(Oxford University Press)
A collection of 26 poems for 9-11 year olds from a wide selection of poets including Tennyson, Heaney, Brownjohn, McGough and Magee. Poems on themes such as Death, Change, Hope and Christmas are given different treatments to allow comparisons and encourage debate. The addition of creature poems, performance poems and fun wordplay makes this an interesting collection. Excellent teaching ideas included.
ISBN 0198341873
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Poets Writing in a Variety of Styles
selected by Wes Magee
(Pelican Big Books 0582420997)
The nineteen different types of poem in this book include nonsense verse, acrostics, cinquains, shape poems and a limerick. Each has well-chosen illustrations and a page where the poet talks about the poem. A book to use again and again to encourage children to look at poetry and write their own.
48 pages
Mainly KS2 but also useful with KS1
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School Time, Play Time
collected by Brian Moses
(Ginn All Aboard)
A good selection of poems with strong rhythms and repetition. The fifteen poems are not all about school and include several on food.
24 pages    ISBN 060229407X

Windspells, Rainspells
(Ginn All Aboard)
Despite its title, only some of the poems in this collection are about weather. It includes a good selection of types of poem and one about the life stages of the frog which could be useful for life cycle work.
KS1/ KS2
24 pages    ISBN 0602294088

Poetry Anthology 2
(Ginn All Aboard)
A good selection of poems including Night Mail by WH Auden, I remember, I remember by Thomas Hood and Shakespeare's Over Hill, Over Dale.
ISBN 0602283507





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