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Non-Fiction - Reference

Words Borrowed from Other Languages
by Sue Palmer and Eugenia Low
(Longman Pelican Big Books)
This unusual reference book looks at words we use in everyday speech which originally came from other languages. The words are organised by their countries of origin and each one has a page to itself including its definition, the word it came from and the story of how the word entered the English language. A fascinating book full of unexpected facts. Whoever would have guessed that penguin comes from the Welsh?
48 pages   ISBN 0582334101
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An Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Gods and Heroes
by Brian Moses and Tony Randell
(Longman Pelican Big Books)
Arranged in alphabetical order, this reference book gives a full page to each character with a colour drawing and half a page of writing. The text is partially in note form so not entirely in complete sentences. Clear cross referencing shows the relationships between the different characters.
24 pages   ISBN 058233411X
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My Very First Oxford Dictionary
compiled by Clare Kirtley, illustrated by Georgie Birkett
(Oxford University Press)
Unlike some first dictionaries which are just illustrated, alphabetical lists of words, this one is a true dictionary with an easily understood definition for each entry as well as bright, clear pictures. In addition, there is a section at the back looks at numbers, days of the week and verbs. A useful book for demonstrating alphabetical order and dictionary skills.
KS1/older children with special needs
ISBN 0199105626
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A-Z of Toys
by Claire Llewellyn
(Heinemann Discovery World)
This has one toy for each letter with each one has its own page except for the rabbit, sheep and teddy bear which are grouped together as they are all soft toys. Each page has the alphabet down the side to help children find their way around the book and a box at the bottom saying if the toy is new or old. There is also a sentence saying what the toy is made from and another saying what it does or what you do with it.
Links to science - materials
24 pages    ISBN 0435127748

Encyclopaedia of British Wild Animals
by Michaela Morgan and Colin S Milkins
(Longman Book Project )
An easy to use encyclopaedia which covers a wide selection of creatures including insects, reptiles and birds as well as mammals. Each has a full page with a photo, an easily read main section and other more challenging information including scientific name, classification and living habits. Symbols and colour coding are used but in such a way that you can ignore them if you wish.
Links to science - living things
and KS2
24 pages    ISBN 0582339588
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Minibeast Encyclopaedia
by Monica Hughes
(Heinemann Discovery World)
An encyclopaedia of minibeasts arranged alphabetically with one creature per page. For each minibeast there is a colour photo, a life size silhouette beside a ruler plus three facts - where it is found, what it eats and one other. There is one sentence per fact with a small drawing to illustrate it. This makes it easy to use without being childish.
KS1/ older special needs
16 pages    ISBN 0435094718

Science Dictionary
by David Glover
(Heinemann Discovery World)
A dictionary of science words with 4/5 words per page, with one or two of those illustrated. It includes easy words like baby and eyes as well as harder ones like friction and amphibian. The definitions are reasonably easy to understand although the one for moon uses the word "satellite" which is not defined.
Links to science
late KS1/early KS2
24 pages    ISBN 0435094777

A Simple Rhyming Dictionary
by Sue Palmer and Eugenia Low
(Longman Pelican Big Books)
With this dictionary, you can look up a word to get a photo, definition and a list of rhyming words. If the word you want isn't there, you can look up its ending in the index to find the page with the word group you want. An interesting reference book which is genuinely useful. You can use it to teach young children to use an ordinary dictionary or to help older ones write their own poetry. A good idea cleverly carried out with the alphabet at the top of each page to make it easier to use.
24 pages    ISBN 0582333628
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