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Non-chronological Reports

El Nino
by Fiona Macdonald
(Oxford Literacy Web)
This interesting look at El Nino explains how this current of warm water appears and looks at its effect on the world's climate. Illustrated with maps, diagrams and colour photos, it has an index and a glossary.
Links to geography and the environment.
Late KS1/early KS2 and older children with special needs
16 pages. ISBN 019915998X
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by Diana Kimpton
(Oxford Literacy Web)
I must admit to being biased about this one as I wrote it. It explains how rainbows are made, gives instructions on how to spot them and introduces some of the myths about them. There's an index but no glossary.
Links to science and mythology.
16 pages, landscape. ISBN 019915999
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Coastline Journey
by Christine Butterworth
(Ginn All Aboard)
This journey round the coast of Britain contains sections on the South East (Suffolk, Kent and Sussex), the West (Devon and Cornwall), Wales, the North (Lancs, Cumbria and Northern Ireland.), Wild Coast (N coast of Scotland, Outer Hebrides and Shetland) and the North East coast (Lindisfarne to Newcastle and down to Scarborough). Each section includes a map of the area plus information on geology, where people work and wildlife. There are also interesting facts relating to each area: for example, smuggling for Cornwall and the Festiniog Railway for Wales. Good diagrams of how sand, coal and fossils are formed and a four page alphabetical guide to animals and plants combine with photos and well laid out text to produce a very useful book.
Links to geography
KS2. Pictures could be used in KS1
32 pages    ISBN 0602283515

Prehistoric Record Breakers
by Rod Theadorou
(Heinemann Discovery World)
A book about dinosaurs which looks at the smallest, largest, fastest, longest arms, etc. Each one has a drawing set against a common object such as a house or a chicken to indicate size. There is also a scale to show its size or speed against a benchmark creature (person, cheetah ect), a guide to pronouncing its name, a fact box and its size or speed in words. There are 4/5 sentences per dinosaur plus a glossary with easy to understand definitions and an index. This is an excellent book which fascinates children including reluctant and weak readers.
late KS1/ early KS2
24 pages    ISBN 0435094785

Shompa lives in India
by Jean Harrison
(Christian Aid)
An interesting look at 7 year old Shompa's life in India including her family, home, food, water supply, school and games. It also mentions her religion and describes how she spends Sundays and the festival of Durga Puja. The clear information is well geared to this age group and enhanced by a timetable of her typical day, a map of the town and good colour photographs.
24 pages    ISBN 090437940X
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