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Traditional Stories

by Stan Cullimore and Anna C Leplar
A straight forward retelling including a few speech bubbles, a newspaper report and a diary extract. With 60-70 words per page, this is best for readers past the beginner stage.
Late KS1
24 pages   ISBN 0582333652
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Fables: A Short Anthology
retold by Janeen Brian. Illustrated by Lisa Herriman and Lesley Scholes
(Rigby Magic Beans)
A useful collection of 13 fables, each with its moral clearly stated, plus a two page introduction and an index. Each fable is written in one or two paragraphs so speech is not laid out with a new line for each speaker.
ISBN 0947212639

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
by Janet Hillman. Illustrated by Pat Reynolds.
(Literacy Plus from Kingscourt)
A simple to read version where the text echoes the size of the objects - BIG,
middle-sized,and teeny weeny.
ISBN 0732722888

The Lion and the Mouse
by Avelyn Davidson. Illustrated by John Tarlton
(Literacy Links from Kingscourt)
A very simple, easy to read version of this story with plenty of repetition.
24 pages   ISBN 079010234X

Red Riding Hood
by Stan Cullimore Illustrated by Denise Elliott
(Longman Pelican Big Books)
The traditional tale told with the minimum of violence and none of the characters being killed. The wolf puts grandma in the dustbin and she returns to chase him away by throwing a pie in his face. The final page has a letter of apology from the wolf.
16 pages    ISBN 0582333458
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by Brenda Parkes. Illustrated by Margaret Power
(Literacy Links from Kingscourt)
A straightforward retelling with different coloured text for different speakers
KS1 and early KS2
24 pages    ISBN 0732704413

The Three Billy Goats Gruff
by Judith Smith and Brenda Parks
(Literacy Plus from Kingscourt)
A good retelling of this traditional tale with bold text for loud sounds, different coloured text for different speakers and interesting text layout to reinforce the meaning of the words. Also uses half page flaps to encourage prediction.
24 pages   ISBN 0732723000







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