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Christmas Film Tie-ins and Videos

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
by C.S. Lewis
(Harper Collins)
The big children's film for December 2005 was the adaptation of this classic novel about a land bewitched so it is always winter but never Christmas. Fantastic special effects bring the story to life on screen, but children's imagination can do the same if they read the original book. The story of the struggle to defeat the White Witch is strong enough to keep competent readers turning the pages and Father Christmas himself plays an important minor role.
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The Muppet Christmas Carol
I know the Word Pool is really about books but I'm making an exception for Christmas. That's because I can't resist telling you about The Muppet Christmas Carol which is my favourite Christmas film. Michael Caine is brilliant as Scrooge with Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchitt and Gizmo playing Dickens who acts as narrator. The film sticks closely to the original with Gizmo actually using Dicken's words in places. (I love the bit where he explains that he knows what's going on because he's the author and has omniscient viewpoint). As you would expect with the Muppets, there is plenty of humour but the other emotions have not been played down. The ghost of Christmas future is suitably sombre and the death of Tiny Tim is played for its full tear-jerking potential. There is plenty here to please all the age groups - an ideal video for a whole family to enjoy together.
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