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There are loads of books of the "I love my Mum" and "Where's my Mum?" variety, but far fewer about children's relationships with their dads. Here are some to help you choose. As an extra help to single parent families, we've indicated those that feature Dad on his own.

Grizzly Dad
by Joanna Harrison
(David Fickling Books)
Dad’s seeming transformation into a grizzly bear leads to a day of fun together for father and son (the narrator): a trip to the cinema, skateboarding and climbing trees in the park and honey sandwiches in front of the TV while watching football. Mum’s return with the rest of the family reveals a very messy house and the beginnings of another transformation …
  The muted tones used in the illustrations give the whole thing a fitting dreamlike quality. A celebration of Dads at their best and worst.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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Me and My Dad
by Alison Ritchie, illustrated by Alison Edgson
(Little Tiger Press)
In this picture book, the simple rhyming text combines with the colourful illustrations to describe the relationship between a bear cub and his dad. It includes the activities small children tend to do with their dads rather than their mums - riding on shoulders, being swung up in the air - but also shows Daddy Bear waking up his son, telling him a story and giving him a hug.
(Dad on his own - no Mum)
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Just like Daddy
by Cecilia Johansson
(Little Tiger Press)
This tactile board book looks at young animals and their dads. The rhyming text encourages children to touch the pictures and feel the parts of the animals that are the same. For example, the tiger cub and his dad both have furry stripes and the hyenas both have furry spots. Simple, sturdy and interactive, this is a good choice for babies and toddlers.
(Dad on his own - no Mum)
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Piglet and Papa
by Margaret Wild, illustrated by Stephen Michael King
(Happy Cat Books)
In this gentle, reassuring story, Piglet loves playing rough games with her papa. One day she chews his tail hard and Papa chases her out of the sty, leaving Piglet wondering if he really loves her. She goes round the farm asking the other animals if they love her. They all say they do but they assure her someone else loves her even more. When she eventually goes back to the sty, she finds that person is Papa.
(Dad on his own - no Mum)
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