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Famous People

Who was Queen Victoria?
by Kate Hubbard
(Short Books)
This is a very readable and comprehensive biography of Victoria. It manages to bring to life many of the well-known names of the era and how they interacted with the Queen. It not only brings in the facts that are usually taught in school but adds titbits of information that many will find fascinating e.g how she never slept in her own room, the tantrums she threw, the items she knitted for the soldiers. All these add up to make her a more human person, one who although she was Queen showed traits that many a reader will share.
(reviewed by Anne Bothwell)
Ages 8+
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Who was William Shakespeare?
by Rupert Christiansen
(Short Books)
This book has a wealth of detail about Tudor England which will be of interest to any lover of the period. It brings to life the period in which Shakespeare lived and the variety of people with whom he might have come in contact. The theatre, court, travelling players, ordinary folk, they are all here. However, Shakespeare himself is a will-o-the wisp: someone mentioned but not really substantial. Little is known of him so, although questions are asked (why didn’t Stratford-upon-Avon know he was a writer?), this tale is more about Tudor England than about its most famous playwright.
(reviewed by Anne Bothwell)
Ages 8+
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