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Other Sources for Book Information

Little Parachutes
Lovely site with reviews of picture books that help children with life's challenges.

The Reading Club
Plenty of useful advice on starting and running a book club

The Children's Poetry Bookshelf
Run by the Poetry Book Society to support poetry for children. Encourages children to write their own poems and send them in.

The School Librarian
The quarterly journalof The School Library Association has penty of book reviews for a wide age range.

Books for Keeps
Full colour print magazine packed with news, reviews and background information on children's books. 6 issues a year. Some of the content is also available online.

Produced in close association with the Federation of Children's Book Groups, this print magazine provides children's book reviews, news, articles and profiles. 3 issues a year. Available by subscription.

An independent online magazine about children's books.

Magazine style website with news and reviews of UK children's books and interviews with authors
This excellent website is packed with reviews for books for 10-15 year olds that are all written by young people in that age group.

The Guardian Children's Book Site
Fun site with lots of children's book reviews and information.

Federation of Children's Book Groups
Produces four free booklists to help you choose books for children.

Reading Matters
A useful review site that concentrates on fiction and divides it by type -  magic, time travel, adventure, etc. There's an intriguing search engine called the Bookchooser where you input the type of story you want (lots of magic, not too scary) and receive a list of suitable books. 

Mrs Mad's Book-a-Rama  
Friendly UK children's book site with reviews, a fun page and a good search engine. 



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