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Novelty Books with Sounds

Sounds of the Wild: Night-Time                                  
Sounds of the Wild: Jungle
by Maurice Pledger
Each of these stunning book has five dramatic pop-up spreads showing a wildlife scene and, as you open the page, you get an accompanying soundtrack full of birdsong, growls, and other relevant sounds. As the titles suggest, Night-time looks at creatures of the night in different parts of the world, whereas Jungle looks at life in a variety of forest and jungle environments. There's a small amount of text with each pop-up spread, but the real information is on the intervening pages where a numbered key for each pop-up helps you identify the different creatures and learn more about them.    
     The quality of the sound, the artwork and the paper engineering are all exceptional. These books capture the attention of everyone we show them too, from babies to adults, and definitely deserve to be picked out as Word Pool Gems
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Noisy Town
by Felicity Brooks and Matt Durber
The sturdy board pages make this book ideal for the very young. Each spread shows a different scene in the town with plenty to talk about and recognise and two matching sounds on the sound panel on the right hand side of the book. There are eight sounds in all, including a police car, a fire engine and a digger, and each one is triggered by pressing an appropriate picture. The sounds are good quality and last long enough to give a child pleasure without going on so long that they drive parents mad.
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