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Today's children are rapidly going to become tomorrow's electors so it seems sensible to try to interest them in the way our country is governed.

My Story – Suffragette
The diary of Dollie Baxter
by Carol Drinkwater
(Oxford University Press)
Dollie Baxter a poor girl from London was befriended by Lady Violet Campbell who arranged for her to be educated. The diary begins with Lady Campbell’s death. Dollie moves to London with Lady Campbell’s grand-daughter, Flora, and Dollie is soon involved in the Suffragette movement, which is campaigning to gain women the right to vote. This story is a mixture of a young girl’s return to her roots and a fascinating history of the suffragette movement detailing the struggles and sacrifices of the people involved. It is full of facts and names of the era so that anyone who wishes to find out more about votes for women has a good base of information on which to build.
(reviewed by Anne Bothwell)
Suitable for confident readers 10+

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How to be Prime Minister
by Adam Hibbert
(Oxford University Press)
The approach of this book matches the title by talking to you, the reader, as if you really do want to go into politics. Its account of how the British parliamentary system works is quick to read and easy to understand but doesn't have any historical information. The text is straightforward and interesting enough to liven up this potentially boring topic although most of the humour is in the cartoon illustrations.
(reviewed by Maddie Wilson)
Ages 8-12
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Potty Politics
by Terry Deary
In this book, it's a girl called Polly who's the potential politician rather than the reader - an approach that works well and was popular with our reviewer. It covers the history of British politics as well as the present day and there are plenty of fascinating facts to catch your attention. As with all Terry Deary books, the text presents the information in a highly readable way using jokes, spoof quizzes and other imaginative ways of presenting facts. The cartoon illustrations are funny and the whole book is highly recommended for anyone from 8 to adult, including reluctant readers.
(reviewed by Maddie Wilson)
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