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The Perfect Punctuation Book
by Kate Petty and Jennie Maizels
(Random House)
This brilliant book uses paper engineering to illustrate its clear instructions on punctuation. Lifting flaps reveal examples and pull tabs make commas and apostrophes slide into the right places. There's probably not enough here to teach the rules of punctuation but it's great for memory jogging and reinforcing learning.
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Eats, Shoots and Leaves
Why, commas really do make a difference!

by Lynne Truss, illustrated by Bonnie Timmons
(Profile Books)
Unlike the adult version of Eats, Shoots and Leaves, this children's book only looks at commas. Each double page spread consists of two cartoon style illustrations illustrating the same sentence with the commas in different places. This is an enjoyable way to show the different meanings but it doesn't explain how to decide where to use commas yourself. The closest it comes to this is on the final spread where small pictures of the other pages are accompanied by brief explanations of what the commas are doing in each case. Unfortunately, these explanations use vocabulary that many children will not understand. (eg. coordinating adjective, modify, independent phrases). As a result, this is only a fun book for the class libary. It's not a useful guide to punctuation.
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The Usborne Guide to English Punctuation
by Robyn Gee and Carol Watson
This straightforward guide presents the rules of punctuation in a simple way, avoiding the technical vocabulary of english grammar (clauses, etc). Cartoon characters break up the text and make it look more accessible. The first part of the book is illustrated in full colour and deals with full stops, questions marks, exclamation marks, commas and inverted commas. For some reason that's not clear, the other types of punctuation are only illustrated in black and white.
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Improve your Punctuation
by Nicole Irving
This is a more technical guide to punctuation for older children which covers everything they are likely to need to know for GCSE. It starts with the basics (full stops and commas), then moves on to semicolons, apostrophes, speech marks and all the other signs. It also explains how to use paragraphs and lay out letters. The book is quite wordy, but the necessary vocabulary (clauses, indirect questions, etc) is explained as it arises. There are plenty of examples to illustrate the explanations as well as tests and puzzles for readers to tackle.
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