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Rhyming Dictionaries

Click for Writing for ChildrenThe Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary
by John Foster
(Oxford University Press)
This rhyming dictionary concentrates on words with straightforward spellings and meanings so it stretches children's ideas without making too hard a demand on their reading skills and vocabulary. For example, the rhymes for 'hole' include 'vole' and 'troll' but not 'casserole' and 'console'. An alphabet down the outer edge of each page helps children find the right place and there are sample poems too. Bright illustrations add humour without looking too childish, so this dictionary can be used by young children and older ones who lack confidence with reading.
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Click for Writing for ChildrenThe Oxford Junior Rhyming Dictionary
by John Foster
(Oxford University Press)
In this dictionary, the suggested rhymes are wide-ranging and include both obvious and less common words. (For example, the list for 'cool' includes miniscule, capsule and ghoul.) The layout is clear with the rhyming words in blue, other text in red and an alphabet guide on the outside of each page. Colourful illustrations add a touch of humour and sample poems and a section at the end offers hints and encouragement to would-be poets, as well as first lines to get them started. Useful for fluent readers of all ages, including adults.
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