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Little Eggs, Baby Birds
by Frances Barry
(Walker Books)
The buds have burst, and it’s nesting time. We share in the twig collecting, nest building, egg laying, warming and hatching with a mother and father bird, as the pages unfold one by one, to reveal in the centre, six brand new baby fledglings surrounded by a riot of pink blossoms. Illustrated in bright collage style and simply told, this is a new addition to the ‘fold out and find out’ series of natural history books for the very young.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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The Green Line
by Polly Farqaharson
(Frances Lincoln)
Inspired by her own perambulations on Hampstead Heath with her children, a photographer takes us on one such springtime walk. Seen through a child’s eyes, we share the marvellous things, large and small, seen in the park – wild flowers, seed heads, grasses, insects, birds, feathers and the like. The whole thing is linked by a green line traversing the pages in loops and wiggles giving the sense of a complete journey, but one that allows time to stop and wonder at, and delight in, cloud formations, raindrops on the grass, reflections, lichenous tree trunks and the dappling effects of sunlight in the woods.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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Tweedle Dee Dee
by Charlotte Voake
(Walker Books)
Using her own version of the traditional folk song, ‘The Green Leaves Grew Around’, the artist treat us to a gentle unfolding of spring through her sylvan watercolour spreads of an oak tree in which we see a song thrush, its nest, eggs and chicks. There is another unspoken story unfolding too as a boy and girl picnic beneath the tree, sharing their spread with a pair of frisky squirrels.
  Everything about this one makes you feel, along with those baby birds, like singing with the joy of spring.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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Chicky Chicky Chook Chook
by Cathy MacLennan
(Boxer Books)
There’s the joie de vie of a late spring day in abundance as chicks peck and pick, fizzy busy bees buzz, kittens skit scatter and the weather fluctuates between warm sunny shine and stormy thunder showers in this wonderful rhyming word play. It’s just the thing to encourage a delight in language play and in new life.
   Splodgy birds, bees and kittens ‘spraunce’ across a flower decorated brown paper background. This is a book that cries out to be performed: chant it, orchestrate or dance it. Young children will love it.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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Carrot Soup
written and illustrated by John Segal
(Simon and Schuster)
With the arrival of Rabbit’s favourite season, Spring, he is eagerly anticipating his favourite carrot soup: but first there is the garden to prepare and the seeds to plant- all his favourite varieties of carrot. Then, when it’s time for gathering the crop, no matter where Rabbit searches, there are no carrots to be found. His friends all make excuses so it seems that carrot soup is off the menu but there’s a surprise in store at Rabbit’s home.
   This is one of those books where much of the story is happening in the pictures and readers share a bond with the author: unlike poor Rabbit, we know where the carrots are disappearing to. And, for those who like carrot soup, Rabbit’s favourite recipe is on the final page.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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Sammy’s Surprise Deliveries!
by Rachael Mortimer, illustrated by Janet Samuel
Spring is a time for new arrivals and there are plenty to keep Sammy Stork busy in his new role in the family business. This really fun lift-the-flap book sees young Sammy helping Dad out with the delivery of a half dozen babies to their expectant parents. Being in a hurry, he fails to check the contents of the pre-wrapped infant, with the inevitable results.
Too often flaps are used for their own sake rather than to more the story forwards. Here however, they have a real purpose and young children will love exploring their contents and discovering Sammy’s mistakes.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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When will it be Spring?
by Catherine Walters
( Little Tiger Press)
It's Alfie Bear's first winter and he's finding it hard to sleep. He keeps looking out of the cave to see if he can spot the signs of spring that Mum has told him about. He keeps wrongly thinking that spring is here, but when it finally arrives he finds it's unmistakeable. This gently funny book is a delightful way to encourage children to look for the signs of spring themselves.
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The Busy Busy Day
by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Daniel Howarth
( Little Tiger Press)
The arrival of spring motivates two friends, Ginger (a cat) and Floppy (a rabbit), to do some gardening. Excitedly the pair rush outside but their best intentions are frustrated at every turn: new life in the form of baby robins, tiny hedgehogs, mice and even caterpillars all have their own special places and need part of the garden too. Maybe the garden will do fine as it is: it's certainly the perfect place for a welcome spring picnic.
A delightful story with an environmental message.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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