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Big Books
   Extended stories and short novels     
   Fictional Letters and Diaries    
   Funny Stories    
   Stories in a familiar setting - country    
   Stories in a familiar setting - home and family    
   Stories from other countries    
   Stories that deal with important issues
   Stories with rhyming text     
   Traditional tales - alternative versions    
   Traditional tales- straightforward retellings     
Multi-cultural texts
   Biographies and Autobiographies   
   Non-chronological reports   
   Persuasive texts    
   Real Letters and Diaries    
   Counting Books
   Poetry Anthologies - varied styles and themes    
   Poetry Anthologies - single style or theme   

Choosing Children's Books 
   Ancient civilizations    
   Animal Behaviour   
   Bad Behaviour    
   Being Different    
   Bilingual Books
   Big Read
   Black holes, time and other topics   
   Books for Babies and Toddlers   
   Books with clever page turns
   British History
   Changing School
   Chinese New Year
   Christmas Activity Books   
   Christmas Books with Father Christmas
   Christmas Books without Father Christmas
   Christmas Film Tie-ins and Videos
   Christmas Nativity Stories
   Christmas Poetry
   Christmas - Nativity Plays
   Counting books
   Death of a Grandparent
   Death of a Pet
   Dinosaur Facts
   Dinosaur Stories
   Disabled main character     
   Famous Artists    
   Fear of the Dark  
   Favourite Five Archive  
   First World War
   Horses and Riding   
   Hospital books
      The Hospital Highway Code    
   Illness in the Family  
   Information for disabled young people
   Inventors and Inventions   
   Learning another language   
   Life Cycles
   Light and Shadow
   Links to other book choice sites    
   Living in other countries
   Looking at Art  
   New Baby in the Family     
   Nonsense Verse   
   Novelty books with letters
   Novelty Books for young children
   Novelty books with sounds    
   Novelty non-fiction
   Nursery Rhymes    
   Other Festivals
   Plants and Gardening   
   Poetry Books with a Theme    
   Poetry Anthologies with Mixed Themes   
   Potties, Poo and Soggy Beds    
   Ramadan and Eid   
   Rhyming Dictionaries   
   Science - Materials   
   Second World War
   Secrets of Life   
   Self Esteem   
   Starting School  
   Teeth - wobbly and otherwise
   Thesaurus, Choosing a    
   Timelines and the Sequence of History
   Unusual Families    
   War and Peace
   Wearing Glasses  
   Yoga and Relaxation   

Numeracy (Previously the Number Zone)
      Maths Games
      Parents and how to help with Maths
      The Trouble with Maths
      Larger Numbers and Place Value
      Maths Stories
      Murderous Maths
      Numeracy Links
      Printable Hundreds Square
      Printable Blank Hundreds Square
      Printable Table Square
      Printable Blank Table Square
   Software Reviews

Parents Corner    
   Adoption and Fostering  
   Asperger Syndrome and Autism
   Babies and Toddlers    
   Hearing Difficulties  
   Helping children cope with death
   Useful Links
   Yoga with Children

Reluctant Readers
 Follow up on success  
Encouraging book ownership
Can't Spell, Won't Spell  
Knockout whist with spellings
Adventure stories
Barrington Stokes
Comix books
Diaries and Letters
Doctor Who
   Epix books   
      Fighting Fantasy Game Books  
      Funny stories (easy reads) 
      Graffix books   
 Graphic retellings
  Links to other reluctant reader sites  
Magic and fantasy
Mysteries and Ghost Stories
Potty Poets
Sports stories    
Terry Pratchett's Discworld      
      True Adventure

   Wordsearch generator
   + links to resources in other pages

Writing For Children
Dvorak Keyboards  
    Books for children's writers 
    Book News
    Character Description Resource
    Diary of Writing Events  
    Writers' e-mail discussion group 
     Frequently Asked Questions (New illustrators)   
     Frequently Asked Questions (New writers)
     How the Word Pool began
     How to get an agent    
     Links for writers
     Non Fiction in the Literacy Hour      
     Screenwriting for Children  
     Understanding Young Readers
     Working together: authors and illustrators
     Writing Picture Books   
     Writing series fiction

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