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Murderous Maths

Most maths books are deadly serious. They are also deadly boring - full of algebra, equations and absolutely no jokes. But Kjartan Poskitt's Murderous Maths books are different. They have the power to make you laugh.

Kjartan Poskitt has a name that's hard to spell, a sense of humour totally in tune with his readers and a wonderful array of off-beat characters who populate a world where maths is always popping up. My personal favourite is Pongo MacWhiffy, but the delightful band of inept gangsters come a close second and Professor Fiendish is hard to forget.

Behind all the jokes and cartoons, are excellent explanations of a wide range of maths topics which fit well with Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. This is maths as you've never seen it before - maths that children of 8 and over may choose to read for fun. Those who really get hooked will also enjoy the Murderous Maths website.

Some of the books in the series are:

The Awesome Arithmetricks          

Desperate Measures 

Do you feel lucky?

Easy Questions, Evil Answer

Guaranteed to Bend Your Brain

Guaranteed to Mash Your Mind

The Perfect Sausage

The Phantom X

The Murderous Maths of Everything   




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