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Helping Children Cope with Death

Death is a great unknown for all of us, but especially for children meeting it for the first time. The books on this page are written for adults who want to know how to help children through bereavement. You can find reviews of other books aimed at children on the following pages.

Death of a Pet   
Death of a grandparent

Saying Goodbye to Greg
by Christine Chapman
(Jessica Kingsley Publishers)
The hardest death to cope with is the loss of a child. It's out of time and makes no sense. This book looks at how the death of a boy called Greg impacts on his school and on his family. The characters are fictitious but the situations and reactions are based on real life. The result is a sensitive insight into how a school can cope with the aftermath of a tragic accident and support children and adults through their grief. As it is a Christian book, it takes a Christian view of death, but that is not obtrusive so the book is also useful for those with other beliefs.
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Someone Very Important Has Just Died
by Mary Turner
(Jessica Kingsley Publishers)
Sub-titled "Immediate help for people caring for children of all age at the time of a close bereavement", this slim volume is such a short, easy read that it's accessible even to those struggling with their own grief. The advice it gives is straightforward, simple to follow and reassuring. This would be a useful book for hospitals, hospices and undertakers to have available for loan.
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