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Helping Children with Dyspraxia
by Maureen Boon
(Jessica Kingsley Publishers)
This book is absolutely excellent - a must for parents, teachers and professionals (who, in my experience, lack knowledge on this particular disablility).
    At first touch, the book feels slim but don't assume the content is lightweight. It is packed with easy to read information, an extremely comprehensive explanation of the condition and a wealth of practical tips - all written very encouragingly. The book was informative without annoying padding from which so many of this type of handbook suffer.
    Although the book covers every aspect of the condition, it is perhaps most useful to parents of dyspraxic primary school children. In my own personal case, professionals have often used the term dyspraxic to describe my three year old daughter's condition and I found the book useful to dispel this theory.
    The author, Maureen Boon, is headmistress of Vranch House, an independent school for children with physical disabilities. Although this has obviously given her much useful experience, I did find the constant references to the school disconcerting. Is this the only school in the country to help children with dyspraxia? I also found the title slightly misleading - this is more of a study of the condition as a whole. But these are only minor criticisms.
     As a parent of a child once described as possibly dyspraxic, I have often searched for a book on the subject and was delighted to find such a comprehensive one. If you want a book on dyspraxia, you need look no further than this one. (reviewed by Tess Kimber)

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