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Parenting children with special needs.

tiny book gif A Special Child in the Family
by Diana Kimpton
(Diana Kimpton)
This is the book I couldn't find when I learned my own two boys were incurably ill with cystic fibrosis. I was frightened of my own emotions and I needed to know that it was all right to feel so bad. I needed a book written for parents rather than about them, a book that didn't just list the problems I was having but also suggested ways I could improve matters. In the end, I gave up looking and wrote it myself.
   The book is for all parents whose child has special needs of any kind. The exact diagnosis doesn't matter because the problems, worries and fears it covers are common to everyone in that situation. It's about feelings and how to cope with them. It's about the help available and how to get the best from it. It's about the great taboos that no one talks about like death and failing to cope. The ideas it suggests are practicall, parent-size ones - based on other parent's practical experiences, not vague theory.
   The original book is now out of print so I've put it online and I've also published it as an ebook.
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