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The Word Pool Wordsearch Generator

You may use upper or lower case letters. The published version puts the letters into upper case

1) Type the title and introduction to your word search in the introduction box.
2) Delete "YOUR WORDS HERE" and substitute as many of your own as you want. Put them on separate lines.
3) Type the words into the grid letter by letter. You will have to do this by first selecting each cell with your mouse. You can use any part of the grid. Unused edge rows and columns will be discarded unless you put dummy letters in them.
4) Click Check to make sure all your words appear once and only once. Correct any errors that are indicated
5) Click Fill blanks. You may still edit the grid.
6) Click Publish to create the page
7) If you want to change anything, use the browser's back button to return to this page
8) Use your browser's print button to print the published page.
Words Grid


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