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Easy to Read Adventures

Tiger Team - Space Pirates by Thomas Brezina
Tiger Team - Curse of the Pharaohs by Thomas Brezina
(Egmont Childrens Books)
These books are mysteries featuring a group of friends called the Tiger Team - two boys and a girl aged about 11 or 12. The stories are well-written but what really makes these books stand out from the crowd is their interactive element. At the end of each short chapter, there's a question asking readers to try to spot the latest clue themselves and the book comes complete with a detective kit to help with code breaking. This is a brilliant idea which encourages children to really think about what they are reading and to look in detail at the illustrations as some clues are visual rather than written. Good to read alone or in a group and fun to use as a school activity to help children practise predicting what will happen next.
Buy 'Tiger Team -Space Pirates' from Amazon
Buy 'Tiger Team - Curse of the Pharaohs' from Amazon


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