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Fighting Fantasy Game Books

The Fighting Fantasy series was an enormous success in the 1980's and persuaded many reluctant readers to turn its pages. Now it's back in print and winning new fans.

The books offer the excitement of a computer game on paper. The reader is the hero faced with an difficult quest to overcome some dastardly evil or find untold wealth.

As with all books, you start at the beginning in section 1. But at the end of that section, you are faced with a series of choices. Depending on your decision, you move on to one of the hundreds of other numbered sections in the book where you are faced with more dangers or decisions. So reading becomes an interactive process involving jumping around the book and occasionally rolling dice to decide if you have won a battle, been lucky or succeeded in casting a spell. There are dice printed at the bottom of each page so, if you haven't got the real thing, you can roll them by flicking through the pages and stopping at random.

This system means each book contains many alternative plots and you don't always win. The possibility of evil triumphing caused criticism when the books first came out but, in my experience, this isn't a problem. Just as with computer games, children just go back a few steps and start again using the knowledge they have gained to help them win eventually.

Well written and exciting, these books are worth a try to tempt reluctant readers, especially boys.

Howl of the Werewolf
by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone
(Wizard Books)
Packed with action, this brand new title starts with a fight against an enormous savage wolf that bites you (the reader). When you discover your attacker was a werewolf, you have to set out on a quest for a cure before you turn into a werewolf yourself. As with all the books, the fast, pacy writing keeps you on the edge of your seat as you choose how the story twists and turns.
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The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone
(Wizard Books)
In this first book of the original series, your task is to find the Warlock's treasure hidden deep within a dungeon populated with ogres, goblins and other terrifying monsters.
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City of Thieves
by Ian Livingstone
(Wizard Books)
Zanbar Bone and his bloodthirsty Moon Dogs hold the town of Silverton to ransom. You must find your way through the dangerous streets of Port Blacksand to seek help from the wizard Nicodemus and then face Zanbar Bone himself.
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Sorcery! : The Shumanti Hills
by Steve Jackson
(Wizard Books)
In this first book of the Sorcery! series, you have a choice of two levels of play. The simplest is to be a warrior, where you use only your ability to fight. If you opt to be a wizard instead, you have less fighting ability but you can use magic as well.
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