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This series is specially written for reluctant readers. All the books are designed to interest children aged 10-12+ but the reading level is between 6 and 9. A great deal of effort has gone into making the books look appealing with eye-catching covers and titles that tempt children to open the books. Once inside, they'll find illustrations on every page to provide visual clues and well-written text with short, easy to understand sentences. The print is large and well spaced but in some cases this size is a disadvantage as it gives the book a younger feel than the stories deserve. All the books are around 48 pages long.

(with thanks to our reviewing panel of reluctant readers from Solent Middle School)

I was a Teenage Goldfish
by Paul Shipton
(Ginn Impact)
The title and cover are so appealing that this is an ideal book to tempt a really reluctant reader. The story of a teenage boy turned into a goldfish by the eccentric scientist next door is short, easy to read and funny with cartoon illustrations and speech bubbles. Particularly suitable for weak readers aged 9-11.

(Ginn Impact)
An excellent non-fiction book with evidence and photographs which will interest a wide range of readers, reluctant or not. The vocabulary is carefully chosen to be not too difficult. Can be used successfully for group work in school.

by Frances Usher
(Ginn Impact)
A short, action story about teenagers whose boat overturns trapping one of them underneath. The illustrations on every page are realistic rather than cartoony.

Cool Rule
by Narinder Dhami
(Ginn Impact)
A story of three boys who think they are cool and don't like new boy, Howard, because he's not. Their attempts to change him fail but he eventually saves a girl's life and earns their respect anyway. Some members of our review panel felt the story was not sufficently original and that 'cool' was used just to catch their attention. But on the plus side, at least they did choose to read it in the first place.

First Shuttle
by Andy Russell
(Ginn Impact)
A n enjoyable tale of the first mission by two teenagers who have just bought their first space shuttle. Short, easy to read with good illustrations which provide plenty of visual clues to weak readers.

Rain Girl
by Frances Usher
(Ginn Impact)
Rick falls for the strange girl who comes to the fairground in the rain but his girl friend, Anne Marie, realises just in time that she is a ghost trying to lure him to his death. An intriguing, well written story which was strongly recommended by our reviewers.

by Jane Coxley
(Ginn Impact)
A non-fiction book looking at this popular sport. Even those who don't like reading may enjoy the photos.

Unfortunately none of the Impact books are available from ordinary bookshops but they can be ordered directly from the publisher. You can find more information at

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