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Mysteries and Ghost Stories

by Keith Gray
(Barrington Stoke)
Nat and his sister, Sandy, run seances, or at least, they pretend to. They've mastered the art of fake mediumship past on by their mother and use it to make money. But that's before they meet Mr Coil and the dead really start talking. This quick read is fast moving and scary.
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My Spooky Sister
by Sandra Glover
(Andersen Press)
There's something very strange about Tom's little sister. She has dreadful nightmares and keeps insisting that her name is Alison - not Alice. Then a holiday in Scarborough awakens what seem to be real memories. Has Alice lived before and was that past life connected with a real murder? This fast moving story keeps you turning the pages to find out the truth. Well written with plenty of dialogue, this book is short enough to tempt readers who are put off by longer books.
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by Neil Gaiman
"Don't go through the door." The warning is clear enough but Coraline ignores it and finds a house almost the same as her own but far nastier. Well written, original and thoroughly scary, this fantasy has a nightmare quality that keeps you turning the pages so fast that you can't put the book down.
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Christina's Face
by Penny Kendal
(Andersen Press)
When Rachel goes on holiday, people keep mistaking her for someone else - a local girl who has gone missing. The result is an easy to read, fast moving story which holds your attention and makes you want to keep the pages turning. Our tester couldn't put it down.
Ages 10+
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Ghost Stories 1
by Dennis Pepper
(Oxford University Press)
For those who find reading a whole book a daunting prospect, an anthology of short stories can be a more attractive proposition. This well-written selection of spooky tales includes stories by Adèle Geras, Robert Westall and Jan Mark. The back cover declares "Prepare to be terrified..." and it's not kidding. Definitely not for the faint-hearted or those prone to nightmares.
Ages 10+
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