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Choosing Fiction  
Encouraging Book Ownership
Can't Spell, Won't Spell   
Knockout Whist with Spellings  
Encouraging Struggling Readers (pdf - opens in new window)

Riveting Reads
Youngsters for whom reading is hard work are only going to make the effort if they feel the book is worth it. The books in this section have strong enough stories to keep the pages turning so they are good for the "can read but don't want to" group.  
Adventure stories   
Diaries and Letters   
Doctor Who   
Fighting Fantasy Game Books
Magic and Fantasy   
Mysteries, Ghost and Horror Stories   
Potty Poets   
Sports stories and game books     
Terry Pratchett's Discworld series
True Adventure   

Graphic novels
These offer stories in comic strip style with far fewer words than a standard novel and plenty of visual clues for weak readers
Retellings of Classic Stories   

Easy Reads
These are easy to read but have stories which appeal to older children and/or teenagers.
Adventure stories     
Books from Barrington Stokes   
Books from Ransom Publishing (useful publisher's site, opens in a new window)
Funny stories    
The Impact Series   
Picture books for older children    
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