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My Home Library and School Visits

We all go into schools, and have good reasons to want children to have as many books as possible: firstly, to keep them in the reading habit; secondly, the books might be ours!

So do use The Home Library. It has over a hundred bookplates for all ages specially designed by Britain's best and brightest children's illustrators.

We have them in colour and in black and white, but all of them say "This book belongs in the Home Library of....." and can be printed off, and/or photocopied, free, as often as you want. Smart authors on school and library visits print a selection of ones that will appeal most onto plain or a range of coloured sheets of paper, and take them along.
Children love choosing. Having chosen, they love writing their names on the dotted line, and then, if you've taken black and white ones, colouring them in.

Then they look for a book to stick their brand new bookplate in. Let's hope it's one of yours!

And, please, please, don't forget to tell them about the website, so they can carry on building up their own Home Libraries of new, and second hand books.

Many thanks
Anne Fine

For more information on My Home Library started, see Anne's other article.

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